27 February 2013


 Lisette and Vanessa 

 For over a year we have struggled with the authorities to keep La Esperanza, our children’s home, up and running. Much of this time we weren't allowed to enter the house to see the kids, only shift workers could be there, and our volunteer program was suspended. This has been our most heart wrenching, and time consuming challenge.  
Even though the government doesn’t approve, 
we are planning on having husband and wife teams care for the children on a daily basis.  They have tentatively given us a year to make this model work.  We’ve found the only way the children can experience healing and security ... is in a healthy family atmosphere. How can they learn what God planned as a functional family if they are never allowed to see a model?

Camila, Danny, and Nancy
In the end if we can make this work, 
they will allow us to keep our home.  
 If not, they will force us to close.  
 This would break our hearts, as many of our children have been with us for a long time.  We can’t imagine them being placed in an overcrowded government run home.

Maria Fernanda

Thank you for the important role you play in our lives and in what’s taking place in Cuenca and Ecuador. 
We need your prayers and support in order to make vital changes in the care model for our  children’s home. 

Our 18 children- that God would guard their hearts during these constant adjustments.
 The staff- that they would see their jobs as a ministry and calling and be diligent to care for the children with love and integrity; 
The couples who have answered the call- for the Lord to confirm and bless them. 
   That we would be shown favor with the government.

Will you pray with us? 

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