15 January 2013


Wow- I'm so sorry for leaving you all hanging for SO long. I could go into a long list of excuses, but I think I'll spare you that! I will just post two photos... as many of you know, our daughter Lisa moved here with her family in August 2011. We now have 4 of our grand children living 10 minutes away. Who could resist those eyes and arms saying "pick me up, Grandma!"  There you have it ... one excuse for my terrible lapse!

Samantha Anne
Lisa and Christoph recently spent 6 weeks traveling the states to visit friends and spend Christmas with the Neumann side of their family. It was so fun to walk in the door and have Samantha do exactly what she's doing in this picture, and hug me for about 20 minutes! John said he's never seen a baby be that still for so long before!

I see in my absence that Blogger has made some new updates, but it's just as hard to move the pictures onto the post, so I'll just make another one about the rest of life and the ministry!

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