06 July 2019

July Update: Medical Brigades!

Hello dear friends! This month our church website is highlighting something near and dear to our hearts: medical brigades.

We have been hosting and organizing medical brigades since the 1990s, and I (Marilyn) continue to principally work in this ministry. Being able to minister to patients physically and spiritually has been such a wonderful experience for me, and I would love for you to hear more about it over on our church's blog.

Thank you for your support throughout the years. Your prayers and financial support allow us to continue our work, and make a real difference not only in our lives but in the lives of THOUSANDS of our dear Ecuadorians as well. 

~John and Marilyn

06 April 2019

April Highlights: The Cuenca Recyclers

April Highlights: The Cuenca Recyclers 

Thank you for joining with us as partners. God continues to bless and grow His Kingdom. His Gospel is powerful! Our desire is for you to know more and feel more connected to what is happening on the mission field, so every six to eight weeks we will be bringing you ministry highlights from the Arco churches here in Ecuador.

In February we shared with you how the Arco ministry network has been responding to our Venezuelan brothers in need as they flee their collapsing country. This month, we bring you wonderful news about breaking the cycle of poverty in a group of our neighbors right here in Cuenca: the city recyclers.

To support themselves and their families, these recyclers pick plastic, tin, and glass out of neighborhood garbages. They live significantly below the poverty line and have been doing so for generations. Arco Church in Cuenca has recently partnered with a municipal program to work with the families of the recyclers, with a special focus on their children.

Children’s pastor Ismael Vallejo has seen huge changes in children’s lives through the program. Speaking about one boy in particular, he says “Seeing how the other kids loved each other was so impactful for this boy. It was shocking to see how he completely changed from one day to the next. I know that giving material gifts is meaningful, but it isn’t the most important thing we can do for these kids. It’s how we treat them that has such a great impact. We love them and treat them like people, like God’s children. They’ve never felt that before.”

Take a moment to hear the rest of this boy’s story, and to learn more about how God has been working in all of their stories over at the Arco Ministries siteWe ask for your continued prayers for us and for the families of the Cuenca recyclers. Thank you for your continuing support!

11 March 2019

Winter 2019 Update: Venezuelan Crisis

The Guidos: Winter 2019 Update

Dear friends, we pray 2019 finds you refreshed in the Lord! We continue to be amazed at God’s blessings. We were able to spend Christmas here in Cuenca with our children and grandchildren and it was wonderful to be all together again.

Update on Venezuelan Refugees and Migrants

To keep you up to date on how the Lord is working here in Ecuador, we are including a small excerpt from our February blog post covering the Venezuelan crisis and migrants. You can find the more in-depth article on our ministry site arcoministries.com/blog
“There are currently over 220,000 Venezuelan refugees here in Ecuador. The sheer number of migrants entering our country can seem daunting. They come with so many unmet needs. As one might imagine, this migration has stressed our economy and social stability. There have been several sad incidents of exploitation and acts of violence against Venezuelan immigrants.
As a church, we know what our response must be. The Lord taught us that when we receive a foreigner or alien (xenos in Greek, where we also get the word xenophobia), in His name we receive Him. We are doing our best to receive the Venezuelans who are in the cities where we serve. Our desire is to recognize and minister to each of them as a person made and loved by God.”
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To read more about our church’s response to our neighbors in crisis, including interviews, testimonies, and photos, find the full post here.