07 September 2008

Opening a new church body in Cuenca

Rene and Graciela (Chela) Osorio

Throughout the month of August we announced the upcoming opening of a new church body on the other side of Cuenca. Our newest elder had stepped up to the challenge of recruiting leaders and members of various ministries to help in establishing a new congregation on the other side of Cuenca. Our church building is located on the south west side of town.

We have felt the need to open something toward the north east- on the other side of the airport, for a very long time, and have spent many months looking for a suitable location. As always, when the Lord was ready, it all fell into place.

Rene sharing on Sunday morning.

On their last Sunday in the 'home' church, the ministry team came forward for a prayer led by Bob Capaldi, our national leader of Verbo, and a member of the international council.

In all, there were close to 30 ready to go and serve in the new work. We are so happy to see how the body has been so open to heed the Lord's call on their lives, and challenged to encourage others to rise up to replace them!

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