06 January 2008

What we did for our Christmas Vacation

We really hadn't planned on going to the States to see the kids for Christmas this past year, but when a friend called saying we could buy tickets to New York City for $259 without any blackout dates we made a quick decision. How could we pass up a chance to see our quickly growing grand girls!

Jonathan was able to fly up from LA for 5 days, and Joel was off- he's a manager in the school cafeteria, so . . . no school, no work. Lisa juggled her schedule and only had to work one evening during 3 weeks. Christoph is working at Hewlett-Packard, and they have a policy that you have to take the week between Christmas and New Year's off to be with your family. It was great.
In spite of a thankfully only 24 hour flu, which went from one to the other every three days, we had lots of fun time to be together. Lisa and I took Emily to see the Nutcracker in Portland, while Grandpa, Joel and Daddy babysat Katrina. When Jonathan flew up we went to the Portland Zoo for Zoolights. They put a crazy amount of lights all over the zoo and you walk around in the (really cold) night. We fulfilled our obligation to our Italian heritage eating lots of special food.

Katrina stays warm with her daddy.
Emily says hi to Rudolph at the zoo. Since most of the real animals are sleeping they supplement them with humans dressed as animals!

Katrina takes anything to do with food very seriously, especially blessing it. But she just might be fooling around with her Uncle Jonathan.

We were so blessed to enjoy this time together- it is always fun to see our kids relate to each other as friends, and have our son-in-law right in the mix. Praise God!


Lisa said...

That picture of Katrina cracks me up everytime I look at it. Jonathan is making almost the same face. I miss you. I'm looking forward to seeing you in June, I'm just not thinking about the pain.

Rebekah said...

wow has it really been 20yrs? I love seeing all of the family pictures.
I miss all of you !