21 January 2008

Summing up 2007

We hope that many of you might be interested in seeing a summary of some of the major events of our lives and ministry for 2007. Thanks so much to all of you who contributed through your prayers, gifts and participation in successes and blessings of the year. May the Lord richly bless you and encourage you through 2008. I'm going to do it in quarters, so it will be easier for me to manage.

JANUARY – Leadership mentoring program reorganized. The year began with our traditional week of prayer and fasting. We closed down our home groups for 1½ months and meet together corporately. Then we met with every couple in the leadership and had a time of prayer and evaluation to see if they should continue in the ministry or take a time of rest and restoration. All but two of our leaders continued, and we had an opportunity for wonderful times of ministry and were able to help couples work out some important difficulties they had been facing. Then we asked them to pick an elder with whom they wanted to work with in a mentoring program. Marilyn and I are currently working closely with 7 wonderful couples and one on-fire young man.

On the 7th Marilyn celebrates her birthday. Here she with Tammy making plans for an upcoming medical team.

The Taylor University Lighthouse team came with 15 students who worked with various children’s ministries throughout the city.

FEBRUARY - The City Park in front of our church is re-zoned as a residential area. We are currently in a law suit with the city de- manding that our park be restored. They plowed up the volleyball court that was used by local citizen's every weekend in the top photo, and put up a barbed wire fence in an area we used as a parking lot.

MARCH - Taylor University sends 8 Students who stay 4 months studying Biology and Spanish at the local University of Azuay and in our newly formed Language Institute.

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