02 December 2007

Visit to Loja and Gualaquiza

Last week we took a trip down south to visit two of the churches that we cover. We broke it up a little, since John is trying to take care of his back. He hurt it in July, and has had sciatica ever since. So, first we drove to Vilcabamba, a little south of Loja. We have a medical team that goes there to work every January, and because of that outreach, there is a small group of believers who regularly meet with one of the leaders from Loja. We are praying that it will grow to be an official church plant soon. Above is a view of the central park. John and Bob Capaldi had meetings with the leaders on Thanksgiving day, and Lauren and I enjoyed a Mexican food lunch and watched our men at work. It was a nice break, strolling around town when it wasn't raining.

After that we headed east and north to Gualaquiza. The "highway" passes so many beautiful waterfalls. We especially enjoyed the sign placed in the middle of this waterfall- it says "enjoy nature- don't deface it" hmmm.

Here is a nice looking bridge. Kind of the opposite of a suspension bridge. I wonder what it would be called! (I doubt the engineers would name it a sagging bridge!) At least there are no potholes!

Our church in Cuenca sent Daniel Quiroz and his wife Martha to Gualaquiza to plant a church about 6 months ago. It wasn't an easy start for them but they rented a new building a month ago, and are seeing great fruit. We were there for their very first youth group meeting. (above photo) Very fun to see a new group excited about all that the Lord is doing in and through them. On Sunday, John shared and then they prepared a meal for everyone who attended. There were about 10 first time visitors among the 112 who attended!

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