29 November 2007

John Has a Meeting with the Mayor

Last week we started a new program in conjunction with the city of Cuenca. They are going to donate $500 a month to help feed the children who are enrolled in our Compassion International program, five days a week. It will be operating as an official "Nutrition Center", as well as
the normal activities, which include help with their homework Bible studies, and regular health care.

Above: the mayor of Cuenca, Marcelo Cabrera, Dr. Marlo Palacios, Rene Osorio, John Guido making it all official.

We have been working with Compassion for 14 years, since we worked in Riobamba. Our program in Cuenca has 140 children enrolled. We have student who has who has passed through his entire school career and now is in college. Daniel is continuing his higher education with the help of Compassion. It's a wonderful way to help underprivileged children successfully get their education while experiencing the practical expression of the love of Jesus.

The audience was made up of city officials, leaders of the Verbo church, interested members of the community and the church and parents of the children. You can see the official police band behind the crowd, on hand to perform during the ceremony.

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