03 January 2010

Youth on Fire!

This past summer a sister in our church shared some verses from 2 Samuel on Sunday morning with a word for the youth of our church.  She shared that the youth would inherit our city and country, but that they needed to prepare now in prayer- they would be leaders with integrity and principles, who would prepare the paths for their generation,  and they would go out to their schools and work places and share God's truths and bring blessings.

 Afterward, John felt that it was a moment that needed to be taken advantage of, and called all the young people in the service forward so that we could pray for them; blessing their lives, as they dedicated themselves to seek the Lord's will for each one of them. It has proved to be a momentous time in our church body that has been sustained through today! Over 250 came forward that morning. The following Sunday we asked all those who had come forward the week before to come to a special time during the Sunday service, where we prayed with them again, and gave them some pointers on how to move forward in their 'new' walk with God.

Shortly afterward we held a "camp" that focused on service and leadership training. The kids all stayed in a house together and each morning went to our children's home, La Esperanza, and organized different activities, performing dramas and focusing on different themes for the children. In the afternoons different leaders went to the house to teach them and lead them in times of ministry. It was a powerful outpouring of the Holy Spirit, and these young people came away transformed. They have continued to walk in this new move. We don't want this to die off as so often happens when young people are touched in a camp or retreat, and when they go back to class and life, it slowly fades away.

We've held several times of refreshing. After our normal Friday night prayer time, they've  met for teaching and ministry, spending the night together in prayer, and having more teaching in the morning combined with some special activities.

What a blessing to see the next generation taking hold of their heritage in the Lord!

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