26 February 2009

Mr. & Mrs. Joel !!!!

Well, this is long over due, but in September Joel talked to Karyn's parents about his interest in marrying her, and asked me to see if I could get an engagement ring made. (There are a lot of people in our church who are in the jewelry business.) He had a crumpled picture taken out of a magazine that Karyn's best friend sent to him up in Alaska, where he worked last summer fishing for salmon. He carried it around in his pocket, and on a clandestine usage of his bosses' computer took a photo- holding the wrinkled scrap in front of the computer's camera. It was quite interesting, but I printed it and took it to a friend.

John and I went to the States for a couple of conferences, and we mailed him the ring. The future mother-in-law is so relieved that the future daughter-in-law liked it! The wedding will be March 19, in Oregon.
We are so happy for our baby boy. Karyn is an amazing young woman who came to know Jesus when she was 18 years old. Joel met her when he was attending Corban College in Salem. She was the co-captain of the women's soccer team, and in her bio stated that her goal was to become a missionary jungle nurse. She speaks Spanish well. She has graduated from Corban, and been accepted at Midwestern University in their Physician Assistant program. Joel has applied to nursing schools in the Chicago area, and they will be moving there when Joel finishes up this semester of school in Salem.
We are looking forward to the day when they can come down here and join us - the Lord knows there is plenty to do, and we welcome the opportunity to have our children closer to us. In the mean time, keep them in your prayers. They are a wonderful couple, and we feel so blessed to welcome Karyn into our family.

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