10 June 2008

2008 !!!

Well, doing this little review of last year really brings home how bad I am at carrying around my camera and rarely taking a picture! I have been waiting for people to help me out with some pictures of events, and have decided, boring as it may be without a picture, it is time to move on before I lose even more time.

I think I'll update categories for the time being, because this has started out as one of our busiest years ever. Up to April 26 we had 5 different medical teams down from the US- those 4 months were a whirlwind of organizing, emailing, and working long hours. After we arrived from our Christmas with the kids, we received our first team within the week. We started with a small group of pre-med students from Taylor University students accompanied by two orthopedic surgeons and ended with the first ever Women in Medicine and Dentistry team from GHO. We were honored to be selected as the site to host this team, and were so blessed to get to know and work along side these wonderful people.

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